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  • Main Products: auto cushion, cd shelves, car film
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Shop No. 69061,69062A,69062B, Street3, Floor4, Gate No.111, MarketInternational Trade Mart (District 5).
Introduction: 欢迎光临本小店,本小店在线批发零售、在国际商贸城5区4楼4街68861、批发汽车用品等等~~~ 尊敬的朋友您好,感谢您的光临,本店专业生产抱枕、颈枕、空调被、靠枕、抱枕被、四件套、保健枕、汽车CD夹、 ... more

  • Introduction: 欢迎光临本小店,本小店在线批发零售、在国际商贸城5区4楼4街68861、批发汽车用品等等~~~ 尊敬的朋友您好,感谢您的光临,本店专业生产抱枕、颈枕、空调被、靠枕、抱枕被、四件套、保健枕、汽车CD夹、记忆棉腰靠、U型枕、炭包、香水、挂件、方向盘套、纸巾盒、贴膜等等~~~ 联系电话:0579-81068980/15957936229
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