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  • Main Products: 4-pc Bedding Set, Quilt
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Jinkaisha Home Textiles FirmReport Shop
Shop No. 62378,62379, Street5, Floor2, Gate No.101, MarketInternational Trade Mart (District 5).
Introduction: Jin Kaisha textiles limited in 2004, Jin Kaisha started the "Delta strategy" built in Jiangsu Provin ... more

  • Introduction: Jin Kaisha textiles limited in 2004, Jin Kaisha started the "Delta strategy" built in Jiangsu Province, covers an area of 150,000 square meters of modern production logistics center. In July of the same year, a project--covers an area of 20,000 square meters of factory built and put into use. And lay a solid foundation for enterprises to take off again. Jin Kaisha the path of group development. The next five years, company sales volume will reach more than 300 million Yuan and grow into world class textile enterprises. Brand positioning: Home bedding luxury brand, reflecting a luxurious, elegant style. Brand: a healthy, comfortable sleeping and living. Brand objectives: 25-49, pay attention to the quality of life in the high-income housewives. Product features: fine workmanship and fabric upscale, unique style and Deputy were the whole picture of exquisite embroidery and cloth fabrics, not imposition. Product style: luxurious and refined and the art of fashion, taste and style. Pattern: the aesthetic and artistic cultural taste and content, fabric patterns are mostly foreign Designer: Italy Faroe company France derived from company, Japan Salon sub companies, Germany BAR company, as well as United States companies. Fabric: the set of all there was no cloth, is the entire piece of fabric, choose pure cotton fabrics, high-density, combing, texture soft and absorbent. Style: mainly to printing combined with sewing technology and unique line of jewelry, form the perfect artistic effect. Product structure: the suite classes: four-piece set, with five piece of cover, quilt, pillow classes: Knorr, pillow, comfort pillow, pillow seven-hole ladies, chaise longue, latex pillow, pillow corporate culture "schools, military, families
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